Digital Cyber Punk Escape Room

You are a CIA agent tasked with hunting down the elusive Alabaster White. Various gov't organizations have been chasing Alabaster for years, for various cyber terrorist acts, but the trail has gone cold. However, one fateful day, you get an anonymous email, from someone who claims to be a former follower of Alabaster. The informant says he cant follow a mad man any longer and continues to say "Alabaster is planning something big". Now, it's up to you to stop him before it's too late. Will you succeed? The fate of the world is in your hands.

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Daffodil362 is a completely digital, interactive escape room adventure that is completely browser based, so you can play on anything with an internet connection with no downloads necessary. Solve puzzles, follow clues, and crack codes using your superior intellect and a variety of tools made available to you. Daffodil362 has so many twists and turns, it will keep you guessing "WHAT WILL HAPPEN NEXT!" Make real phone calls, Access social media accounts, decipher chat forums, AND SO MUCH MORE!


<Bypass> <Solve> & <Decode> like an expert

No previous computer knowledge necessary


Solve over 40+ puzzles that constantly remind you to think outside the box.


Bypass sites, servers and social profiles to find hidden clues to lead you to Alabasters hideout


Follow the breadcrumbs left behind by Alabaster.






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Daffodill362 is a chalenging puzzle based escape room, but with with our integrated hint system, we have a 100% success rate. All our player rave about how fun Daffodil362 is!

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